Love is a Curious Thing, Linda Good (2009). Linda’s first solo outing since The Twigs, Quintessential piano-poptronica. Features the hit “Love Is…”, heard on KCRW and 90210.

Flying Kites on Christmas, The Twigs (2018). Inspired by Laura’s time living in Sydney AU, about celebrating on a beach with tinsel and bikinis.

Composer Reel. For more playlists of selections from my instrumental catalog go here.

“I’m Asleep, I’m Awake”(Single). Lady Stardust (2017 – unreleased. An electronic pop collaboration between drummer Joey Peters (Grant Lee Buffalo) and Linda Good. Written and co-produced by Linda and Joey.

You Say Ah,The Twigs (2004). Linda & Laura’s third CD, a 5-song EP. Recorded in Sydney, Australia, Los Angeles and NYC.  Features “You Say Ah,” “Ivy,” “Oh Mary, “Happiness,” and “Quiet.” Guest include Dan Carlson on bass.

The Universe Tonight, The Twigs (2002). Linda & Laura’s second CD, co-produced by Johnny K, with Bryan Rheude adding electronic magic. Features “It’s Alright” and a cover of the Kink’s “All Day and All of the Night.”

Sony/ATV Classic Covers: Vol.1. Produced by Charlie Peacock, featuring modern covers of classic tunes including cuts by Leigh Nash, and Linda Good, who also co-produced this haunting cover version of the classic Willie Nelson song, “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain.”

Wisely, (Oglio 2008).  Linda Good collaborates with Willie Wisely co-writing a love/hate letter to their adopted city of Los Angeles on the song, “California”.

All Night Through, The Shaker Sisters (2008). Produced by Linda Good, featuring Robyn Monks and Jen Zias. Rootsy, Alt-country Americana, including “All Night Through”  featured on the opening episode of True Blood (HBO) Season 2.

Bring Me the Head of Eternity. The Twigs debut album, produced by Johnny K, features “Home,” “Waited for You” and “Hiding.” (CD Only)

Between the Xs and Os (Ella Records, 2008). An all-acoustic version of the Wisely Album, featuring California”, co-written by Linda Good and Willie Wisely.

The Plush Interiors. Photo by Jaime Mayer

Lately I Wonder, Two Moods for the Holidays, The Plush Interiors (2007). James Combs and Linda Good are the neutronic- folk duo The Plush Interiors. The EP features “Lately I Wonder” and a bossa-tronic cover of  “O Christmas Tree,” featured on Gossip Girl (CW).

“Lately I Wonder” Video dir. Michael Klima

A Dog is a Dog (EP), Linda Good. The 3-song EP includes “Love Is…”, “Life is a Ride,” and “A Dog is a Dog.” Reached KCRW’s top 5 CDs on its debut. Written and produced by Linda Good.

Paint the Town, The PushStars (2004) features Linda in a duet with Chris Trapper on the dreamy, floating bossa-nova song, “Drifting Away”. Linda also adds backup harmonies to many of the other great songs on this record.

Girls Cry Wine (2018), Cailyx . Produced by Linda Good. Cailyx is a songwriter raised in Texas based in LA. Gritty lyrics and guitars, riotgrrl POV and a unique voice. Features the haunting song “China White”.